2013 Conference Recap

You Were Here: TEDxNaperville 2013

On Friday November 9, 2013, you were here. Despite time, work, distance, weather, and everything else in your life, you came to share powerful messages and embrace ideas truly worth spreading.

TEDxNaperville 2013 “You Are Here” featured 13 speakers from across Chicagoland who came to talk and perform their unique and life-changing ideas. Nearly 300 attendees came to engage, network, and spark deep discussion. Though the speakers start the conversation, they are only part of what TEDxNaperville is. Half of the event is from you, the attendee, the individual who drives and continues the discussion. It is you that brings these ideas to fruition and it is because of you that this event can happen.

What Ideas Were Spread?

Jeff Hyman expressed his fears and gave solutions to avoid sharing the fate of the dodo bird.
Julie Friedman Steele showcased how 3D printing will usher in a revolution in manufacturing.
Dustin Thacker articulated the joy of tinkering through his unique, creative prose.
Joe Abraham taught us how to discover and embrace our entrepreneurial DNA.
Nick Sarillo shared how to revitalize our employees with a culture of “trust and track.”
Jim Elliot introduced us to a new method of diving therapy for those with disabilities.


Emerson Spartz gave us a crash course in internet virality and explained the power of his websites.
Katarina Visnevska & Zak Jablow performed an interactive, cross-genera musical improvisation.
Joshua Corman opened our eyes to hackers as apex predators and inducted us into “The Cavalry.”
Brendan Kiburg explained how understanding the universe starts with moving a 45-ton magnet.
Leah Guzowski made us rethink energy use in our daily lives and reconnect with what power is used for.
John Barley showed that brewing beer is a revolution in the way we do business.


What’s Next?

You can be a part of this amazing experience in 2014. If you’ve ever been an attendee, consider expanding your experience by volunteering or partnering. Do you have your own ideas worth spreading? Apply to speak at next year’s event. We cannot do this event with out you! Email us at info@tedxnaperville.com to get involved.

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