Full Spectrum

TEDxNaperville 2017

So many of us live in a single-color world. We go to the same places, performing the same activities with the same attitude and same views. But seeing the world as blue doesn’t mean it truly is. We’re all part of a spectrum only visible when challenging our perceptions, collaborating with others, and seeking knowledge. The reds, greens, and golds only appear when we pursue understanding and fight the pressure to succumb to what we think we already know.

This year, we challenge you to unearth your biases, question your perceptions, and see in colors both uncomfortable and unfamiliar. We are all individuals, but only through connection do we learn, evolve, and become a spectrum that truly beautifies the world.

TEDxNaperville 2017 Full Spectrum takes place on Friday, November 10, 2017 at the Yellow Box in Naperville. For more details on our upcoming conference, visit our 2017 Conference page or sign up to receive updates.