Why Partner with Us?

There’s a reason we don’t call them “sponsorships.” A “sponsorship” implies handing over a logo and some dollar amount and moving on. TEDxNaperville is about creating mutually beneficial and fulfilling relationships between you and all those who attend. When you interact with our attendees, you’ll be reaching tuned-in Chicago-area innovators and decision-makers who expect more than a sales pitch; they expect a meaningful exchange. This is your opportunity to have high quality interaction with Chicago’s business and community leaders. Below are our four favorite reasons you should become a partner:

  • 1. Brand Linking

    Associate your organization with
    a powerful worldwide brand and movement synonymous with creativity, collaboration, and innovation.
  • 2. VIP Attendees

    Reach the decision makers.
    On average, over 45% of TEDxNaperville attendees are senior director level or higher.
  • 3. Lead Generation

    Gain highly qualified leads from tuned-in intellectuals within a variety of industries, including education, healthcare, media, and technology.
  • 4. Demo Platform

    Use TEDxNaperville as a demonstration platform to showcase your innovative products and solutions to an engaged audience of community and business leaders.


Partnership Levels

TEDxNaperville is a solely volunteer organization. No one (not even the speakers) gets paid for their work; therefore, the partnerships we form with forward-thinking companies like yours act as our lifeblood. We can’t do this without you!

Partnership opportunities change annually. Special levels and perks (including our Premier Partner level) can be built on a per-partner basis. Partner levels and perks subject to change.

2016 Partnership Perks Supporter
We also offer a Premier Partner opportunity starting at $5,000, which includes all Visionary level perks and more. Custom partnership opportunities available upon request. Speak with us about how you’d like to be involved. For details on the above perks, please view our partner commitment form. Logo ranks refer to the placement and size of logos on marketing materials. Rank 1 logos gain premier location and sizing.
Maximizing Your TEDx Partnership eBook
Explicit Mention by Host
Speaker VIP Dress Rehearsal Reception Access
TEDxNaperville Partner Community
Logo in Conference Program Rank 2 Rank 2 Rank 1
Logo on Website & Print Materials Rank 2 Rank 2 Rank 1
VIP Seating Lounge Tickets 1 3
VIP Post Event After Party Access
VIP Entrance & Private Viewing Lounge Access
Attendee & Speaker Gift Bag Item Submission
On-site Experience Design Lecture
Logo on all Final Speaker Videos Pre/Post Roll Rank 2 Rank 1
Dedicated Showcase Area
Pre-event Community Branding
Experience Design Consulting
Opportunity to Host a TEDx Adventure


Ways to Partner

With more than a quarter million talk views online and a constantly engaged following, the opportunities to interact with business leaders, community leaders, innovators, activists, and experts are endless. This isn’t a standard trade show or conference. Create a special way to engage with our attendees and we’ll facilitate you any way we can. If you’ve ever wanted to try a radical approach to showcasing your company or products, TEDxNaperville is your chance.

Though we’ve listed some partnership opportunities to the right, there are always opportunities for unique or custom partnerships. Ask us how you can create a memorable attendee experience!


  Partnerships Available

  • Monetary
  • In-kind
  • Combo monetary & in-kind
  • Services, supplies, resources
  • Adventure hosting
  • Post-event VIP party
  • Event workshops or breakouts
  • Food, drink, or alcohol