TEDxNaperville 2017

Full Spectrum

2017 featured a full spectrum of diverse ideas from our largest speaker group ever. Ideas shared were both controversial and unique, spanning the untold lives of doctors, the secret language of objects, a black man who befriends KKK members, and more. Attendees also took part in a viral video and created a song, live.

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TEDxNaperville 2016


After adapting to a new venue and greatly-increased attendee experience in 2015, we sought to return to our core purpose – the ideas. We exposed over 725 attendees to some of our most high-quality, controversial, and dramatic ideas, including heroin addiction, police action and racial tension, and the plan to reintegrate and educate felons, shared by 15 brilliant speakers and performers. We also launched the design for the new Naperville flag – our first action-based idea brought to fruition.

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TEDxNaperville 2015


Challenging ourselves to encompass the true meaning of the word, TEDxNaperville shifted in location, scale, and impact, moving to the Yellow Box, a new venue to help us grow over the next years. We invited amazing new speakers and hosted more attendees, volunteers, partners, adventures, and ideas than ever before. We also featured our first production-quality livestream viewed by hundreds around the world.

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TEDxNaperville 2014

Tipping Point

A true tipping point for the conference, we grew to more than 400 attendees, six exciting adventures, fifteen diverse and brilliant performers and speakers, and opened never-before-seen areas of our venue. We had more volunteers, more partners, and more passionate people than ever before. We also tested our first live stream, which was watched by hundreds of people around the world.

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TEDxNaperville 2013

You Are Here

“You Are Here” touches on our collective search for ideas that improve ourselves and our community. Both a physical and metaphysical theme, it touches on the idea that regardless of work, time, distance, and anything else, we all assemble in our local community to create greater things. Speakers this year included viral media expert Emerson Spartz and Solemn Oath Brewery founder John Barley, as well as a unique, audience-curated musical piece with electric violinist Katarina Visnevska and music producer Zak Jablow.

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TEDxNaperville 2012

+ (Plus)

Our 2012 conference explored our individual meaning of the symbol “+” and how it factors into our lives. Speakers this year included acclaimed musical duo Ian & Ani, theoretical astrophysicist Dan Hooper, and Olympic silver medalist John Coyle. We also began dramatically increasing attendee experience, introducing TEDxNaperville “Adventures”, mentally stimulating adult field trips to local hot spots, the morning of the conference.

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TEDxNaperville 2011

Good Happens

A play on “shit happens,” our theme this year touched on all the good that happens right in our local area, with speakers including Red Bull Air Force founder Othar Lawrence, archaic artist and musician Thomas Negovan, and famed Momtrepreneur Jill Salzman. We also migrated to the Grounds for Hope Cafe, a venue that offered truly unique, high-tech multimedia experiences for audiences up to about 400.

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TEDxNaperville 2010

Listen. Learn. Be Inspired.

Our inaugural TEDxNaperville in 2010 was held in Wentz Hall at North Central College in Naperville. The event was a roaring success with just over 175 attendees and brilliant speakers, including Charlie Catlett, C.I.O of Argonne National Laboratory, and a performance of over 14 students from the Naperville Central High School Drumshow.

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