TEDxNaperville 2015


November 6, 2015 – The Yellow Box, Naperville

Challenging ourselves to encompass the true meaning of the word, TEDxNaperville shifted in location, scale, and impact, moving to the Yellow Box, a new venue to help us grow over the next years. We invited amazing new speakers and hosted more attendees, volunteers, partners, adventures, and ideas than ever before. We also featured our first production-quality livestream viewed by thousands around the world.






Don’t have a headache yet? Move back 3 ft. If the logo feels uncomfortable, that’s ok. Shifting perspectives is uncomfortable too. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things we can attempt.

Progress doesn’t just appear from thin air. It’s not inventing new things. Most often, it spawns from seeing standard perceptions differently and having the wonder necessary to open yourself to ridicule.

That’s our mission – not to provide you with agreeable, mainstream ideas, but instead with experiences that challenge your perspectives both of what the world is, and what our local area and those within it are capable of.

We invite you to our 2015 conference with the hopes of developing those capabilities within yourself, our area, and our world.

We’ll provide the experience; you provide the progress. Prepare to shift.


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Speakers & Ideas Shared

Lewis Achenbach - TEDxNaperville Talks 2015
Jazz Occurrence
Lewis Achenbach
Meryl Davis - TEDxNaperville Talks 2015
The Two Sides of Gold
Meryl Davis
Wes Douglas - TEDxNaperville Talks
Ideas in Vexillological Form
Wes Douglas
Dr. Michelle Drouin - TEDxNaperville Talks 2015
Online Love: We're Playing the Game, But What Are the Rules?
Dr. Michelle Drouin
Jack Gilbert - TEDxNaperville Talks 2015
Why Getting Dirty is the New Clean
Jack Gilbert, Ph.D.
Jill Howe - TEDxNaperville 2015
Storytelling Sessions: Talking About Shame
Jill Howe
Kurt Melcher - TEDxNaperville Talks 2015
Gamers: The Rising Stars of Collegiate Athletics
Kurt Melcher
Rook Nelson - TEDxNaperville Talks 2015
Assembling the Largest Human Puzzle at Terminal Velocity
Rook Nelson
Trisha Prabhu - TEDxNaperville Talks 2015
Hacking the Adolescent Brain to Stop Cyberbullying
Trisha Prabhu
Russ Riendeau - TEDxNaperville Talks
Disruption Sessions
Russ Riendeau, Ph.D.
Jeff Wallace - TEDxNaperville Talks 2015
An Insider's Plan for Rehabilitating the Juvenile Justice System
Jeff Wallace
Arden Warner - TEDxNaperville Talks 2015
How to Solve an Ecological Disaster From Your Garage
Arden Warner, Ph.D.


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