TEDxNaperville 2016


November 4, 2016 – The Yellow Box, Naperville
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After adapting to a new venue and greatly-increased attendee experience in 2015, we sought to return to our core purpose – the ideas. We exposed nearly 700 attendees to some of our most high-quality, controversial, and dramatic ideas, including heroin addiction, police action and racial tension, and the plan to reintegrate and educate felons, shared by 15 brilliant speakers and performers.

We also launched the design for the new Naperville flag – our first action-based idea brought to fruition by a group of Neuqua Valley High School students and spread by TEDxNaperville.

2016 also included our second high-quality live stream, additional cameras and production investment to improve video quality, a brand new TEDxNaperville stage sign, and our first official conference booklet and guide.



The world feels more polarized than ever. We’re constantly driven to rally for or against ideas and indiscriminately lash out at the unorthodox, unfamiliar, and unknown. We’ve been molded to think in black and white.

But, we live in a world of color, splattered with questions, vulnerability, doubt, and perspective. And though those qualities make our lives messy and uncomfortable, they also form the canvas on which our greatest achievements are painted.

This year, we challenge you to expose yourself to ideas that create our chaotic, but dazzling world of color – ideas that critique and question our faith in absolutes in the hope that we all may experience the chromatic wonder that is our humanity and move forward together.

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Speakers & Ideas Shared

Why We Must Teach Our Kids to Fail
Adam Russo
Dale Obrochta - TEDxNaperville Talks 2014
Official Idea Exposer
Dale Obrochta
He Who Opens a School Closes a Prison
Daniel Geiter, Ed.D.
Official Idea Exposer
Dr. Laura Bokar
Trained Not to Cry: The Challenge of Being a Soldier
Dr. Richard Doss
Legal Cynicism: The Greatest Threat to Policing
Garry McCarthy
A Classroom-led Solution for Changing Our School System
Josh Stumpenhorst
Distressed Community Solutions in Plain Sight
Lena Hatchett, Ph.D.
Lewis Achenbach - TEDxNaperville Talks 2015
Official Idea Exposer
Lewis Achenbach
How to Think Like a Genius
Mike Byster
Impermanent Things
Peter Himmelman
Telephone Spam a Problem? Bring in the Robots
Roger Anderson
The Secrets of Hostage Negotiators
Scott Tillema
Invisible Water: The Hidden Virtual Water Market
Seth Darling, Ph.D.
The Heroin Denial Epidemic
Tim Ryan
The Campaign For a Better Naperville Flag
Connor Tenny, Andy Wang, Nathan Ashta, Haider Sarwar, Jack Penrose & Ritvik Manda


New adventures this year included the newly-renovated Naperville (Nichols) Public Library and digital media area dubbed the “Tech Buffet”, the multi-stop City of Naperville Electric Utility that services nearly 60,000 monthly customers, and the Morton Arboretum, an internaionally acclaimed outdoor living tree museum and scientific facility in Lisle.

Argonne National Laboratory

Naperville (Nichols) Public Library & Tech Buffet

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

CoD Homeland Security Training Institute

City of Naperville Electric Utility

The Morton Arboretum

Solemn Oath Brewery


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