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Speakers & Performers

Meet the brilliant minds behind this year’s ideas and performances. Below is the list of speakers and performers sharing ideas worth spreading at the upcoming TEDxNaperville conference.

TEDxNaperville Adventures

TEDxNaperville Adventures are no-cost, mentally stimulating “field trips for adults” with your fellow attendees to explore the fascinating things going on in our Chicago suburban area. Included with your ticket purchase, adventures take place the morning of the conference and end with enough time for a quick lunch and travel to our venue for the main conference. Though new adventures are added each year, we try to keep some the same for those who didn’t get to attend the previous years.

Note: Adventure signups take place at ticket purchase. One adventure per ticket holder. Some adventures will sell out quicker than others, so make sure to purchase your tickets early to reserve a seat on your desired adventure. All adventures take place the morning of the conference and you are responsible for travel to and from your adventure location. Detailed information on the exact times and meeting locations for your adventure will be emailed to you roughly 1-2 weeks before the adventure. Only those signed up for an adventure will have access to that adventure. No walk-ins allowed.

Unannounced Adventure

Unannounced Adventure

Unannounced Adventure

Unannounced Adventure


Partners & Forward-thinking Brands

Below are the forward thinking brands that have been accepted as partners in propelling intellectual advancement through TEDxNaperville. We are truly grateful to them for helping make this conference a reality. Additional partnerships are always available.

Our Conference Space

The Yellow Box – 1635 Emerson Lane, Naperville, IL 60540

Location Map | Venue Website | Parking

The Yellow Box is a beautiful, high-tech community center in the heart of Naperville, just 25 miles southwest of Chicago. With incredible, modern design, an open floor plan, and amazing technical abilities, the Yellow Box features all the bells and whistles a growing organization like TEDxNaperville looks for as we continue to inspire wonder and challenge perceptions, including state-of-the-art audio and visual systems, an 1100-seat auditorium with stadium seating and sectioning options to ensure intimacy, a cafe, a gymnasium, and special VIP seating areas. Parking is on-site and free.

Note: Though owned by Community Christian Church, the Yellow Box is a community center and will be used as such for our conference. TEDxNaperville follows TED’s guidelines of sharing ideas without religious, political, or corporate influence.


Most Asked Questions

Tickets & Pricing

1-2 Months before conference, $60-$90.

Tickets usually begin selling 30-45 days in advance with prices fluctuating each year depending on the requirements of the event. TEDxNaperville is a volunteer organization and all ticket revenue goes directly into making the best event possible for our attendees.

Food & Drink

No lunch. Snacks & late dinner provided.

Please have lunch before you attend. Food and drinks for the rest of the evening are provided as part of the TEDxNaperville experience. Snacks, soda, and water will be provided throughout the day with a post-event reception providing a late dinner to all attendees, usually around 7:00pm.

What to Wear

Comfortable, business-party attire.

Generally, there’s no dress code for TEDxNaperville; however, our attendees tend to think of it as a business party, so whatever you would wear to that, wear to the conference. Remember, though, that the conference is all day, so make sure you’re comfortable.


Expand Your Experience This Year

Have you attended this or other TEDx events in the past? Maybe you just love TED Talks or want to get involved in your local, Chicago area community. Now’s your chance, because the experience a TEDx conference rockets to a whole new level when you become a volunteer or partner. Have a direct impact on bringing the event to fruition. Become a part of spreading powerful ideas.

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