Frequently-asked Questions

About the Conference


What's a conference structured like?

Below is a very generalized conference structure. The exact timing, number of speakers, talk length, and other elements will vary.

  • 9:00am – 11:00am – Morning TEDx Adventures
  • 1:00pm – Introduction and Opening
  • Session 1
    • Speaker 1
    • Speaker 2
    • Speaker 3
  • 2:30pm – Break
  • 3:30pm – Session 2
    • Speaker 1
    • Speaker 2
    • Speaker 3
  • 5:00pm – Break
  • 6:00pm – Session 3
    • Speaker 1
    • Speaker 2
    • Speaker 3
  • 7:30pm – Closing and Reception

Do you release the schedule of when each speaker gives their talk?

No, we do not release the exact speaker schedule prior to the conference. This helps maintain a quite atmosphere for our audience by avoiding distractions from attendees entering and exiting the theater throughout the day.

The conference is designed as a holistic day-long event. Attendees who leave early or selectively attend sessions miss out on many activities and talks that complete the experience.

Are there networking opportunities?

Yes! You’ll get to meet and interact with hundreds of brilliant minds from the Chicago area and beyond. Our attendees are very open to new conversations and ideas. Simply walk up to someone and ask them about their badge as an ice breaker. We have a variety of activities designed to engage you with other attendees, even if you’re an introvert.

Are food and drink served?

Only in the afternoon. Please have lunch before you attend. Snacks, soda, and water will be provided throughout the afternoon with a post-event reception providing a late dinner to all attendees, usually around 7:30pm. We also often have coffee available throughout the day and access to a cafe on-site for additional food or coffee purchases.

Alcohol is not served at TEDxNaperville as the venue is a major meeting location for various anti-drug and anti-alcohol organizations. For individuals attending the VIP after party, alcohol is served at that location.

Where does my ticket money go?

TEDxNaperville is solely organized and run by volunteers. No one – not even our speakers – gets paid for their work. All ticket sales go directly into building the most engaging and inspiring event for out attendees, including renting space, food and beverages, conference materials and handouts, and venue design.


What should I wear?

Generally, there’s no dress code for TEDxNaperville; however, our attendees tend to think of it as a business party, so whatever you would wear to that, wear to the conference. Remember, though, that the conference is all day, so make sure you’re comfortable.

When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets usually begin selling 30-45 days before the conference with prices fluctuating between $60 and $90 each year depending on the requirements of the event. TEDxNaperville is a volunteer organization and all ticket revenue goes directly into making the best event possible for our attendees.

Do you grant ticket transfers or refunds?

We do not grant refunds for tickets, but may grant transfers in a limited capacity. Please email us to request the transfer. All transfers are best effort on part of the TEDxNaperville staff and may not be granted, especially if it’s close to the conference.

Is there a minimum age for attending?

Generally, no, but children should be old enough to gain value from the conference and to be respectful and quite during talks. We advise children be at least high school age (usually 14-16) to attend. For exceptions, please contact us here.

Who attends TEDxNaperville?

Our attendees include business leaders, community leaders, scientists, experts, educators, and open-minded individuals from all walks of life. Our attendees include men and women of all ages, races, religions, political stances, and backgrounds who come together in the spirit of sharing powerful ideas.

  • Most represented industries: technology, education, health care, media, and financial services, though all industries represented
  • Gender: 50% men, 50% women
  • Most Common Age: 35-44
  • Career Level: 46% at attendees at director-level or higher
  • Attendee Locales: Western Chicago suburbs, Chicago and other suburbs, Southern Wisconsin, Western Indiana

Where is the venue?

We occasionally change the venue based on the requirements of the conference, such as number of attendees. You can always find information on our venue, including its location, on our current conference page.



How do I attend a TEDxNaperville Adventure?

You may select an available Adventure option when you purchase your ticket. Each ticket includes the option to attend one Adventure, and the Adventures available are based on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where and when is my TEDxNaperville Adventure?

Adventure times and locations vary. Most are within 30 minutes of the venue and take place roughly 9:00am-11:00am the morning of the conference. Roughly 2 weeks prior to your adventure, one of our Adventure hosts will email you instructions with exact meeting location, time, and any other information you may require

Can I change my TEDxNaperville Adventure after my ticket purchase?

If you already purchased a ticket and signed up for an adventure, but want to change to a different adventure, email us to request the change. All changes are best effort on part of the TEDxNaperville staff and may not be granted, especially if the requested adventure is already full or if it’s close to the conference.

Can I transfer my TEDxNaperville Adventure to another attendee?

If you signed up to attend an adventure but cannot attend or if you’d like to transfer it to someone else, please email us to let us know or request the transfer. All transfers are best effort on part of the TEDxNaperville staff and may not be granted, especially if the requested adventure is already full or if it’s close to the conference.


Will I be notified if my application to speak has been accepted?

Yes, we will notify you by email if you have or have not been accepted as a speaker. Doing so may take up to 8 weeks to do so depending on where we’re at in the conference season. If you have applied more than 8 weeks ago and have not received any message, please email us.

How do I apply to become a speaker?

In essence, read every single word on our speaker page and follow the steps listed there.

Which ideas get accepted and which don't?

Though some ideas may work in other conference settings, not all are accepted at TEDxNaperville.

Ideas that may be accepted:

  • New, unique, or add to an established body of work
  • Quantifiable and specific with data-based information
  • Challenge standard conceptions

Ideas that aren’t accepted:

  • Excessively vague or generalized
  • Pseudoscience
  • Personal belief systems without research
  • Purely-motivational
  • Uncredentialed coaching
  • Excessively-discussed or already ubiquitous
  • Solely about overcoming adversity or obstacles
  • “I did it, and so can you”
  • Corporate, political, or religious agendas

How do I nominate someone to speak at TEDxNaperville?

The best way to nominate a speaker is to just have that individual apply to speak on our speaker page. Our speaker process requires a 3-minute video where the speaker sells us on their idea. It’s also used to gauge their speaking and presentation ability, so having someone else submit a video for them isn’t what we’re looking for.