TEDxNaperville 2014

Tipping Point

November 7, 2014 – Grounds for Hope Cafe, Lisle

A true tipping point for the conference, we grew to more than 400 attendees, six exciting adventures, fifteen diverse and brilliant performers and speakers, and opened never-before-seen areas of our venue. We had more volunteers, more partners, and more passionate people than ever before. We also tested our first live stream, which was watched by hundreds of people around the world.





This year we invite dreamers, thinkers, and doers to join us in conversations about the defining moments that determine our courses through life. Whether in a relationship, the environment, business, personal growth, or national struggle, there are tipping points that rewrite our paths and build our future.

Now in our 5th year, TEDxNaperville has itself reached a tipping point, a critical mass where definitions of who we are and what our purpose is will be defined. To us, tipping points aren’t just decisions marked by change, but are also the possibilities that grow from our choices and connect us to others. We welcome you to explore these new challenges and changes with us as we build a conference for the future.

The ideas you discover here will help us answer questions (or form new ones) that will propel individuals, the area, and the world forward.



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Speakers & Ideas Shared

Jeff Chamberlain - TEDxNaperville Talks 2014
The Energy Manhattan Project That Will Change Everything
Jeff Chamberlain
The One Man Musical Genre
Chanson du Chat
John Coyle - TEDxNaperville Talks
How to Design Moments That Help You Live (Almost) Forever
John Coyle
Joselyn DiPetta - TEDxNaperville Talks 2014
The Missing Piece in the Gender Equality Puzzle
Joselyn DiPetta
Steven DuPuis - TEDxNaperville Talks 2014
Why Companies Get Too Big To Care
Steven DuPuis
Nicholas Hartlep - TEDxNaperville Talks 2014
How to Talk Nasty About Asians Without Sounding Racist
Nicholas Hartlep, Ph.D.
Devorah Heitner - TEDxNaperville Talks 2014
The Challenges of Raising a Digital Native
Devorah Heitner
Zainab Zeb Khan - TEDxNaperville Talks 2014
How to Fight Injustice Without Saying a Word
Zainab Zeb Khan
Randy Lewis - TEDxNaperville Talks 2014
Why I Hired a Workforce No One Else Would
Randy Lewis
Joseph Lloyd - TEDxNaperville Talks 2014
Welcome to the New Digital Opression
Joseph Lloyd
Why 'Drones' is the Last Thing They Should Be Called
Don Miller
Dale Obrochta - TEDxNaperville Talks 2014
Balloon Performance
Dale Obrochta
Russ Riendeau - TEDxNaperville Talks
Micro-disruption Sessions
Russ Riendeau, Ph.D.
Anthony Snape - TEDxNaperville Talks 2014
Bringing the Concert to the Fans
Anthony Snape
Brian Willis - TEDxNaperville Talks 2014
The Most Dangerous Weapon in Law Enforcement
Brian Willis


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